Happy 4th of July from SuperSecret!

In the United States, the 4th of July represents the date when the country declared its Independence from Great Britain. Across the nation, people will be celebrating with barbecues, parties and fireworks. Even if you’re not in the United States, celebrate with SuperSecret and throw a party in your Penthouse Apartment!

Celebrate in style, throw a party in your Penthouse today!

Gather all your friends and invite them, or let them know about your party on the bulletin board. Either way, it’s going to be super! Or make some new friends and join their parties! This is a holiday we can all participate in. Don’t forget to rate Penthouse Apartments to get some Style Bucks too!

What are you plans for this Independence Day? Comment below and let us know how you’re celebrating! Happy 4th of July!

11 Responses

  1. when will we get safe chat back??? its really boring with canned chat you cant really have a decent conversation.

    • Hi, ola! Thanks for playing SuperSecret! We’re sorry and apologize for the safe chat being down right now. We’re getting all the updates done to it though, and we will let you know as soon as it’s back up and running! Thanks for your feedback, and take care!

      • We just wanted to let you know that the safe chat is up and running again, ola. Sorry again for the closure, but you’re all good now!


    • Hi, fryguy! Safe chat is up and running again! We had to perform some maintenance and upgrades to it, so thank you for waiting patiently.

  3. […] are so many ways to enjoy the extra free time. Whether you’re playing SuperSecret and having a Penthouse Party or joining some friends for a game of baseball outside, you can always find something to do. If […]

    • When are you gonna put the enchanted sanctuary back you said you were gonna put it back and can you put the game hotcorn or balloons back?

      • Hi Lauren – We’re working to get the Enchanted Sanctuary ready to go back into SuperSecret. Until then, have you checked out our new games Eat My Dust or Beaver’s Revenge? Let us know what you think!

  4. ive been with u guys since the animated version of supersecret it was fun!! but why did u guys decide to change it up alot?

    • Hi Skye, and thanks for playing SuperSecret. We’re so glad to have had you as a fan for so long! In order to give our players the interactive and engaging experience they wanted, SuperSecret transformed into the 3D virtual world that it is today.

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