Only The Best Of SuperSecret Can Be King!

It takes a lot to be the best that there is. One way to find out who’s greatest is by letting them compete for the title. We here at SuperSecret can’t think of a better way to recognize this top honor than in Eat My Dust! Earn the King of the Hill crown by defeating your enemies and slaying the zombies!

Get locked and loaded to go head to head against your friends, or enemies, in this action-packed challenge. Make sure you load up with enough weapons and ammo first though! Head over to the Armory or Garage to get all the latest guns and missiles to defeat your enemies, and all those pesky zombies.

Make sure you capture the flag and keep it safe!

With so much going on and enemies coming from every direction, it’s no wonder only the best survive. Do you have what it takes to be the King of the Hill? Fend off other players and those devious demons! Stake your claim on the Hill for as long as you can and earn the title of King of the Hill!

What do you think of Eat My Dust and the King of the Hill Challenge? Do you have what it takes to keep SuperSecret safe? Let us know what you think!

4 Responses

  1. zombies come in super secret?

    • They have before, but we’ve been safe for a while thanks to our awesome players who kept them contained. Let us know if you see any though, and try beating them in Eat My Dust!

  2. […] you can keep up with the fast-paced action? Steer your driver right past “King of the Hill” and get him prepared with all the weapons and ammo he needs. Dodge the zombies and bullets as […]

  3. King of the hill: the battle is on!

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