Fun With Your Favorite Food!

Everybody has their favorite foods, from the weird things to the rare things. Some people like pizza with ranch dressing and others like bacon in their ice cream. But what we want to know is, what’s your favorite food?

Here to tell you what his favorite food is, we have the Plaza’s resident foodie the Hamburger Guy! Can you guess what his favorite food is? That’s right, hamburgers! His favorite burger is a spicy buffalo burger with blue cheese and red onions. It’s a very special meal that he always enjoys with fries and ranch.

You can’t have a Hamburger Guy without a hamburger!

What’s your favorite food? We love to hear about all the different things from you guys, so if you have something extra special with a side of awesome, let us know!

We’ll even SuperSize that deal and give you some Stylebucks! Leave your username below and we’ll give you 500 Stylebucks for telling us your favorite food!

14 Responses

  1. Hi there🙂 My fave food is a buffalo chicken sandwich with tomato and other things on top. Please, my username is ForeverInColor

  2. my favorite food is cheese and kit kats😀

  3. my favorite food is bean and cheese burritos with chocolate

  4. Great ideas, everyone! We’re getting hungry just reading them!

  5. My favourite food is KFC chips. Username: Mikiayla

  6. my favorite food is pizza. name character alejandrov

  7. My favorite food is peperoni My username is TheCrazyPickle

  8. My favorite food is peppermint ice cream. my username is meeba1

  9. My favorite food is my mom’s lasagna. It’s messy, but good😉 My username is Jacob Wonder Wolf.

  10. my favourite food is pasta😀 YUMMMM!

  11. my favorite food is chicken alfredo my name is speakerboxjam

  12. my fave food is definitly steak fries with brown gravy on the side!!!! i double dunk until the gravy is falling on my plate!!! ( jonasgurl17)

  13. i mean my favorite food is Pizza and my username is Hithereitsme

  14. My favorite food is any type of pasta.😉 Username:kaitlynmandra

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