Get Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse!

If SuperSecret ever experiences a zombie apocalypse, only the best of the best will survive. That’s why we need your help to keep all of the zombies contained inside of Eat My Dust. That way, we eliminate any chance of players getting infected and turning into zombies too! So get ready and prepare yourselves! Head over to Eat My Dust to defeat the dead and perfect your skills.

Gear up and get ready, we need your help!

Get locked and loaded in the Armory with enough weapons and ammo then start the shooting spree! Kill as many zombies as you can to keep SuperSecret safe. Make sure you recruit your friends to help out too; you’ll even earn some coins for it!

Head over to the Eat My Dust portal in the Plaza today and get started! We hope you’re up for the challenge and have what it takes to keep the zombies contained. Let us know if you were able to handle them all!

7 Responses

  1. where in the plaza was the zombie spotted?

    • Thanks to our amazing players, the zombies have been successfully detained. They are always trying to escape into the Plaza though, so we always need more players to help keep them under control.

  2. […] the battle between the Dragons and Scorpions or a long day fighting off those zombies, we understand if you need a break from all the intense action. A great place to relax and still […]

  3. […] action? Steer your driver right past “King of the Hill” and get him prepared with all the weapons and ammo he needs. Dodge the zombies and bullets as you navigate the roads to the Racing Circuit’s big fat […]

  4. I’m Deece from Eat My Dust. And I will kill ALL of them on no time.

  5. Supersecret, I have great news! I’ve commented that some zombies escaped from Eat My Dust into Supersecret. Now there were some that were hidden in Supersecret. This is my suggestion!

  6. I mean many

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