We’re Rolling Out The Red Carpet…

The red carpet at Club SuperSecret is reserved for only the best of the best. That’s why we would like to cordially invite you! You’re not the only one though, all of the most celebrated SuperSecret residents are here too. Among the ones you’d expect like Autumn and Hamburger Guy, we would like to give some extra special recognition to our Top Ranked players in SuperSecret.

These people have earned enough points to receive the title of “Top Ranked” for all of their adventures and high scores. Learn a thing or two from these SuperSecret Stars by visiting their Penthouse Apartments to see how they increased their ranks and add them to your friends list today!

A special round of applause to our Top Ranked players!

You’re invited! Join us in congratulating SuperSecret’s most elite group of players. This is a special occasion for them, but for all of our players too! Are you one of the Top Ranked players? Let us know what you’ve done to receive the coveted title!

5 Responses

    • The red carpet is special treatment for very important people, but it is also at the entrance to Club SuperSecret! We’re using it to congratulate our Top Ranked Members.

  1. I love super secret its like really cool with 3d. Best Game Ever!!!!

  2. what are we doing for this years halloween? will we be doing something new? i hope so cuz super secret is sooooo much fun on the holidays!! are we doing the pumpkin hunt? i hop so its soo much fun!! will you put clothes in the pumpkins? please put vip clothes in them because i need more

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