Top Floor For The Top Ranked At Penthouse Apartments!

The Penthouse Apartments are a great getaway from all of the noise of the busy plaza. That is, until you’re ready to throw a party to liven things up again with your friends! It’s important to keep a well-furnished apartment because you never know who could stop by, and a classy crib takes time to decorate. That’s why we’ve provided so many funky furniture pieces and décor options for you to choose from when readying your Penthouse.

And to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in, we would like to congratulate our Top Ranked Penthouse Apartments for making all the right choices and earning this awesome award! You can see the work of some of our top up and coming decorators over at the Leader Board just outside of the apartment doors. Check it out today to see if you had top honors!

Congratulations, these are SuperSecret’s best apartments! Click on the Leader Board and check out their Penthouse to see why they’re ranked highest!

The ranks change all the time though, so make sure you try to decorate your Penthouse to have a shot at being our next Top Ranked Penthouse Apartment! What are some of your favorite furnishings to decorate with? Do you like your bed by the window for a view or next to the warm and inviting fireplace?

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  2. is pududeers name on?i no the player who plays pududeer

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  6. Muy buenooo!!!!!!!!!!!

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