Pamper Your Pet In The Sassy Salon!

Your Pet follows you everywhere, it loves you! Whenever you go to the Adventure Lounge to play Beaver’s Revenge or dance up a sweat in Club SuperSecret, your pet is always with you and comes along for the adventure. After a long day of chasing secrets or just throwing around the ball, your Pet could use a little TLC. Head over to the Salon in Pet Tokyo today to give your precious pal the soap, spray and spin treatment!

Get your Pet primped and primed for the spotlight. After all, you can’t strut your style on the runway when your Pet needs a scrub to sparkle and shine, can you? The best part of all, Pets love to be cleaned! They don’t get fussy or hate the water!

So fresh and so squeaky clean! Look how happy this Pet is!

Get ready for all your parties this weekend by washing up your Pet in the Salon before you pick out your best outfits from Forever Chic! Let us know if your Pet likes the soap, spray or spin cycles best!

8 Responses

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  3. how can u tell if yer pet likes the water,soap or spin the best?

  4. I have had my Secrect Pet for a few days now and its NOT GROWING!! HELP!!!

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