Fantastic Facebook Community!

SuperSecret has reached a monumental occasion and it’s all thanks to our loyal fans, you guys! Each and every one of you has helped SuperSecret get to 25,000 likes on Facebook and we would like to thank you for all your wonderful support and feedback. Our fans mean a lot to us and we are glad to be able to share this moment with everyone.

To celebrate, we want to make this about you! What’s your name and where are you from? We know we have fans all around the world and some of you have been playing longer than others but now is a good time for everyone to introduce yourself with your username and rank to get to know each other.

Let’s start it off with everyone’s favorite rocker girl, Autumn! She’s from Los Angeles and is 16 years old. Some of her favorite things to do are play volleyball, cook Italian food and watch movies when she’s not playing the guitar in Classified. Your turn!

Who would’ve thought Autumn was from L.A.?

To give a little something back to our awesome fans who helped us get 25,000 likes, the first 25 comments will receive some Stylebucks as a token of our appreciation. Again, we would like to thank you because we wouldn’t have the awesome 3D virtual world that we do, if we didn’t have your support. Thanks from SuperSecret!

15 Responses

  1. super secret is AWESOMELY fun:) i like every thing on here

  2. Hi guys I am Marina. I am a smartie ^^ Anyway, I love super secret😀
    I won’t say anything else though.

  3. Hey there, I am Marina. I am also ForeverInColor on SuperSecret. I am from New Jersey, its a nice place to be. Super Secret is one of my most favorite virtual worlds and I love it! I am rank two, and not a VIP I don’t play as often however i was registered on SS for quite a while.

  4. my name is snoutling(my super secret name) and my favorite part about super secret is the games,madam wu’s pet shop and club super secret.i know 2 people who sister and her friend favorite color is green,i like more then one kinds of animals and i really want a lot of pets from madam wu’s pet shop.

  5. i love supersecret!!!!!!!!!! its so fun. i enjoy it. thanks alot super secret!!!! username:popthat45

  6. I Love Mothers Day! I’m Taking Her Out To Eat. Its My Fave Holiday!

  7. Go Autumn!

  8. My name is Tabby, but TabbyCat98 on supersecret! I really love the old supersecret, but at first when it turned 3D I was taken aback because so many people I know loved it too. I am starting to get used to the new interface of Supersecret, and I actually like it. I love 3D worlds, so now that my old favorite website is now 3D i guess I’m pretty happy.

    I have been playing SuperSecret since I was about 10 maybe. I’m 13 now.

    Thanks SuperSecret.

  9. i love autmn

  10. How many starcoins do I get!!😀😀

  11. […] all of the most celebrated SuperSecret residents are here too. Among the ones you’d expect like Autumn and Hamburger Guy, we would like to give some extra special recognition to our Top Ranked players […]

  12. Hi, my username is MegumiDreamer (VanessaWonderCat,LoriWonderWolf,ChristyWolf,ZackWolf,KitKitMeow also) My favorite color is purple and i’ve been playing for four months. My fav thing bout super secret is Pet Tokyo, Madam Wu’s, Forever Chick, and the Club. And i’m a V.I.P.

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