Dress Up Super Crazy in SuperSecret!

We’re celebrating Leap Day in SuperSecret, are you? It seems crazy to see Feb. 29 on the calendar, so make it a crazy day by including some unusual activities. Some of our favorite Leap Day Traditions include Crazy Hat Day and Crazy Dress Day. Anything goes on days like this, so wear your most zany hats or wear your clothes backwards or inside out to start celebrating around SuperSecret. Luckily, this one only comes once every four years! See how crazy you can dress up and head over to The Closet today!

Electric blue hair, hot pink pants and furry boots might not be something you’d want to wear everyday, but today you can wear whatever you like!

Get your friends in the spirit of things by letting them in on all of your special outfits and see who is dressed the craziest! Make sure you let everyone know how cool you can be by dressing the most unique and let your friends know you think they’re zany too!

8 Responses

  1. this game is good

  2. how can i play

  3. yea really……good

  4. […] weather gets warmer? Do you have a lucky pair of shorts or sandals? Let us know what some of the special styles you selected are and why! Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  5. I like this this dress up game.

    • I just love fashion and clothes, and the most best of all…….. I can drees up my crariter Twillightsparkle, also i really love this game so I’ll just say, BEST GAME EVER!

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