Can You Guess this SuperSecret Spot?

Look at that amazing view! Autumn found the perfect super secret spot to stargaze and we want to know if you can find it too. Be the first to guess where Autumn is right now for the chance to win 500 style bucks!

Leave a comment describing where you think Autumn is. Be as specific as possible for the best chance to win.

25 Responses

  1. Autumn has gone to the island saying SUPER SECRET again. To get there you jump onto the green umbrella on top of table near the adventure lounge and take a run up and jump onto the right of the adventure lounge then jump onto the pole and then onto the roof of the adventure lounge. After that you jump onto the black and red wire and slowly walk across until you get to the end. Jump onto the road and then walk onto the green bit at the side of the road. Keep going forward until you are looking at the moon that is where autumn is.

  2. shes on the hill next to the water

  3. i think she’s on the edge of the buildings, facing the ocean.

  4. maybe i should explain better. i think she is on the very edge of the black platform around the skyscrapers.

  5. shes on the hill near the water.

  6. To get to where Autumn is, you’d head towards the Supersecret sign in the distance from when you log on. To get there, you’d jump onto the red and yellow side of the Adventure Lounge. From there, you cross the electricity lines like tightropes to the hills away from the social area of Supersecret. After you jumped off the electricity lines, you could turn left and go behind the SuperSecret sign (that looks like the Hollywood sign). If you look toward the moon from behind the SuperSecret sign, that’s where Autumn is.

  7. Autumn is on the black city landscapes on the edge.
    To go there:
    1. Go to the highest hill on the island with the SUPERSECRET sign {find my other proceedure of how to get to the island if you don’t know how to}. 2. Now run straight forward and fall off of the hill. 3. Now you are there. If you want to get off, run and fall ito the water.


  8. Hope it works for you


  9. i bet shes at the side of the mountain i keep going on with rocks and shes on the ledge or above the ledge on the mountain facing supersecret and around water is, it has caves and little roads,the mountain is on the right of the love rollercoaster

  10. she is on the edge of behind the buildings with lights where she is near the water. username:popthat45

  11. When you log in you are at the city.Then you jump on the adventure lounge,and go to mountains were is big tittle supersecret.Then you go to left and down near the sea.From there you can see the moon.Autumn is there.

  12. Oops!I mean It`s at Pet Tokyo.When you get in the Pet Tokyo,there is a plane,and i think with the plane you can get to the city(Tokyo)..I really don`t know cuz im not a member,but I think you can get there with plane.And there is black platform.Autumn is standing there.

  13. on a hill next to the water. I always go there anyway!

  14. Over on the other end of the main place. Where the Super Secret sign is, (Where the mountains are) She is all the way to the right as in if you were the Super Secret sign you would be looking to the right and all the way over the the edge, (Looking at the moon)

  15. autumn is in the city across from super city. she is on the black city with a few lights you can see the city when your by the super secret sign.

  16. on the side of the hill with the sigh supersecret

  17. Pet Tokyo. You have to keep jumping on rocks to get there.

  18. No! I know where she is now! I went there today!🙂 she’s on the mountain with the SuperSecret sign😀 Now gemme my 500 style bucks xD

  19. Oh wait! ( lol i know you’re probably tired of me leaving comment after comment) Ok, so she’s at the little city background thing!😀 I’m there now. NOW gimme mah money xD

  20. You are on the very end of Supersecret above the freeway and on the mountain area.

  21. she is on the back side of the guitar music room thingy to get there walk along the rd carpet that goes up to the room and turn right and then keep going that way and you’ll get there

  22. wait no thats wrong now i know

  23. i think it is by the race trake in the back ground

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