Today’s SuperSecret Special: 5 Fun Facts about Hamburger Guy!

He’s always hanging around the Plaza, keeping you and your friends in the know on the latest SuperSecret specials, but what do you really know about Hamburger Guy? Like how did he get “that” name? Recently, Hamburger Guy sat down with the team here at the SuperSecret blog to dish up some facts on one of the Plaza’s most mysterious characters.

Hamburger Guy

Astrological Sign: Aries
Favorite Subject in School: Art
Favorite Hobby: Gaming

1. Although he’s a citizen of SuperSecret, Hamburger Guy, like the hamburger itself, has some German ancestry.
2. He gets all his clothes at Forever Chic because as he says, “They’ve got all the best deals and seasonal specials to suit anyone’s style!”
3. He’s a major gamer and fan of Beaver’s Revenge, which is probably why he can’t stop talking about it. He and his buddy Justin Dweeber are always trying to gain the highest score in the plaza. He even has the mobile app on his smartphone, so that he’s able to play it from anywhere at anytime.

4. He’s got some skills in the kitchen… and we’re not talking about just flipping burgers. Hamburger guy’s parents own a few restaurants, including the hamburger stand, so he’s really grown up in the kitchen and around some of SuperSecret’s top chefs.
5. His unique name came from the fact that you’ll always find him by the hamburger stand, dishing about SuperSecret’s latest specials. As for his real name, he told us that it will have to “remain one of SuperSecret’s many secrets…”

Do you have any questions for Hamburger Guy? Swing by the hamburger stand to meet him, today. He’s ready and waiting to share some of his SuperSecret specials with you!

6 Responses

  1. My friend says that her friend has Burger Guy hair… I kinda do too…🙂

  2. haha so cool [=

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