Check Out SuperSecret’s Next Top Designers!

As Fall Fashion Week came to a close, the owners of Forever Chic were presented with a very tough decision. They had to pick a winning design from each category in the Fashion Design Contest to add to their store!

Lulu Lanell, co-owner and designer for Forever Chic, stated, “This was absolutely one of the most difficult choices I’ve ever had to make. If you could only see how many fabulous designs we received. I really wish we could have just chosen them all.

Alas, Lulu and her partners were forced to make their selections and we’re here to announce them! Below we have the authentic sketches, done by our very own SuperSecret players. Thanks to these designers you’ll be ready for any occasion!

So, here are the long awaited results. The winning designs of the Fashion Contest are:

Night Out

Designed By: Destiny63

This outfit is perfect for a night out at Club SuperSecret!


Designed By: aiiure

Aiiure’s design is ideal for a day of shopping at Forever Chic.


Designed By: alisa457892

Wear alisa457892’s look in the Fashion Show and you’re sure to get a top score!


Designed By: supersecretrocks

Put on this ensemble for a fun day of playing fetch with your secret pet.

Here’s an image of all the outfits actually in the game, being modeled by SuperSecret citizens!

What do you think of our talented designers? Whose outfit will you buy first?

5 Responses

  1. Can you do another one of these? I played the old and I forgot about it, I remembered and then I started this new version, I started this one in like, January, and this was in December. Please reply! Thanks!🙂

  2. […] get out your shorts and skirts. SuperSecret is getting ready for some Springtime fun! Head over to Forever Chic to check out the entire wardrobe of Spring styles today! Do you like his tank top and shorts? Or do […]

  3. i want to make one are u having another contest

    • We currently do not have plans to host another contest but we will let you know if we do! Keep checking back to see!

  4. I want to do it too!!!

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