Find Style Bucks in PetTokyo!

Have you visited PetTokyo? This is the perfect time to check out the new secret world because there is a brand new scavenger hunt that will take you on a search for style bucks! To start hunting, just venture over to Madame Wu’s Secret Emporium, and complete her quest, so that you will be granted access to the new SuperSecret area, PetTokyo.

Keep your eyes peeled for the floating gifts, wrapped in pink spotted paper and tied with a blue bow. For each one that you collect you will earn style bucks that you can use on anything from a funky new hairstyle to new décor for your penthouse apartment.

So, make sure you look high and low because some of these gifts are hidden in tricky places.

22 Responses

  1. Hi I think that supersecret made a big mistake by changing everything but their name. I mean: when I used to play supersecret every day, I loved it. I cant enjoy it after the change that it made.

  2. I think that most of you dont know what you did to supersecret. I wasnt even a member. When I say member I mean one that payed to play. I was just a noob, but I had fun. Change supersecret back if you want people to play it.

    • Hi, Jackson C.- We’re sorry to hear that you don’t like the new version. What features can you suggest for us to add to the new version to make it better? We’d really appreciate your feedback!

  3. I like the New Version of supersecret!!!

  4. […] over to the arcade to start playing your favorite games. The more you play, the more stylebucks you’ll be able to earn. And don’t worry, this isn’t the only place you’ll be able to access […]

  5. ummmmm ye i love this super secret but i want to buy stuff and i keep playing hide and seek with my pet to earn more style bucks but its just to hard

    • Hi Olivia, and thanks for playing! There are a bunch of other ways to earn Stylebucks too, try playing some of the games in the arcade instead and give your pet a chance to rest instead!

  6. I REALLY like the new version of Supersecret——–I like when you try to get the presents!BUT why are no new presents coming out anywhere once I get them.——————-I want to make a suggestion to make Supersecret bigger though Because I’ve already explored the whole place.———————–I LOVE challenges in supersecret can you make more?——————–Thanks for reading! bye

    • Hi Kara and thanks for playing SuperSecret! We really appreciate your suggestions and will make sure to pass them on to the producers for you. Thanks again and take care!

  7. how many days does it take for the pets to be full size?

  8. Earning stylebucks is just too hard.. the arcade games are sorta fun.. but they only pay like for example ,get to level 4 you’ll earn 4 style bucks ,that doesn’t help much for people who want to buy a whole new look.

  9. […] notice those beautiful flowers in Pet Tokyo? Wouldn’t you like to share those with your mom for Mothers’ Day? Make her some of […]

  10. how you get rid of your because i keep caring for it but it wont grow anymore it grew once and i don’t know what to do

    • Hi Sidgirl – Congratulations, if your pet grew once then it is already an adult! You cannot release your pet right now, so just have ffun with your new grown up pet!

  11. um i used to play super secret but because of the update im not sure of playing anymore. You should of left it the way that it was before,seriouisly. The quality is rubbish (for me) in conclusion ithink you should have left it the way that it was before

    yours sincerly

    • Hi lola and thanks for playing SuperSecret. Like we’ve announced countless times before, we appreciate your comments and feedback. Regarding the old game though, we have no plans on bringing it back and your comments are not helpful. We are more than happy to take some suggestions you might have for the new 3D virtual world though to provide you and players the game that you want. Thank you and take care.

  12. i really like super secrets, its just that im new and i really like the game!

  13. oh and its really hard to earn style bucks cuz i collect presents and most of them are for the penthouse can you give me a place where you can earn style bucks?

    • Hi, Penelope! We’re glad to have you as a SuperSecret fan! A great way to earn Stylebucks is by visiting other player’s Penthouses. Also, check out the games in the Arcade too!

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