Host the Perfect Party in SuperSecret!

Craving a celebration? Game for a gala? Serious about a soiree?

SuperSecret has tons of options to help you plan the coolest festivities of the year! Visit the Party Store to view them all and you’ll quickly become a SuperSecret socialite!

Birthday Parties
Want to celebrate a birthday? Throw a Birthday Party at your penthouse! Birthday Parties can be purchased for 100 style bucks and are a great way to honor you or someone special.

Penthouse Parties
Don’t have a reason to host a function, but just want to entertain? A Penthouse Party is the perfect solution! Jazz up your penthouse with balloons, streamers and confetti for the ultimate social gathering. Penthouse Parties can be purchased from the Party Store for 50 style bucks.

Private Parties
Invite only! For an exclusive bash that’s just for those you know, buy a Private Birthday or Penthouse Party. When you host a Private Party, invites will be sent out to your friends only.

Public Parties
When you purchase a Public Birthday or Penthouse Party, your party will be posted to the Party Board so all SuperSecret players can join in on the fun! Affairs like these are a great way to get more visitors to your penthouse and meet more SuperSecret players.

Party Board
All existing parties can be found on the Party Board, which is located right outside of Penthouse Apartments. Check here to see who’s currently celebrating something in SuperSecret. Click on a user’s name to learn more about the player or to go to the party he or she is hosting.

Whichever type of shindig you throw, we’re sure you’ll climb up the social ladder and gain some SuperSecret achievements in no time!

3 Responses

  1. um where is the party shop anyway ?

  2. […] Even if you’re not in the United States, celebrate with SuperSecret and throw a party in your Penthouse Apartment! Celebrate in style, throw a party in your Penthouse […]

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