Madam Wu’s Fun Fact: FREE Style Bucks

Do you want to earn a few more style bucks to get that perfect pair of shoes from Forever Chic to match your outfit? Apart from playing all the fabulous and fun games in the arcade, you can now earn a few FREE style bucks by completing offers!

Free Style Bucks

Once you are logged into the interface, look for an icon that says “Free Style Bucks Now!” at the top right corner of your screen. You will be able to choose from 3 options to earn your free style bucks: Invite Friends, Watch Videos, or Complete Offers. Depending on which option you choose, the amount of free style bucks you will be able to receive can range from 1 style buck to close to 10,000 style bucks!

Invite Friends

If you have any questions, be sure to check our game guide page for more details or leave us a comment below. Log into SuperSecret today, earn a whole lot of style bucks, and go on a shopping spree with your BFFs!

Madam Wu’s Fun Fact: Pin to the Top!

Keep yourself up-to-the date with the latest trends by becoming an avid follower of SuperSecret’s official Pinterest! We update our pins and boards regularly with the most eye-popping fashion styles, the trendiest beauty tips, most glamorous party ideas, and more!

All Boards

With the arrival of December, we will be compiling a collage of winter-themed boards for all the fashionistas out there. Our latest board consists of an array of Christmas tree essentials to help you get started with your creative decorations. Be sure to check out some of our past boards, such as Wonderful Winter Trends and New Year’s Party Idea, to help you prepare for the festive winter season with timeless styles and ideas.

Check our Pinterest often for more dazzling and intriguing ideas. Don’t forget to follow SuperSecret’s Pinterest to get all the insider tips!

Creating a Fashionable Christmas Tree

December has arrived and it’s time to whip out those creative thinking caps of yours, because you would want your Christmas tree to look the prettiest and most unique amongst your BFFs! Be sure to check our Pinterest for an extensive list of creative ideas and examples. Here are a few tips to get you started!

Christmas Trees_12.3.13


This is the most important part of the process. You begin with deciding on a theme. It can be something traditional like winter wonderland theme, where all your ornaments and decorations are in white, gold, or silver, or a candy cane theme, where the color code of your entire tree is in red and white. However, if you are a trend setter and over-achiever, try something more unconventional, like a Tiffany & Co. themed tree, or a bohemian chic themed tree, or a seaside Christmas tree, where all your ornaments are seashells and the color code of the tree is turquoise and beige.


After you decided on your theme, your selection of ornaments, decorations, and lighting should all follow that same code. For example, if you have chosen the winter wonderland theme, your ornaments can include a snowman made out of felt, pine cones painted in white, and more! Which should be accompanied by warm yellow lighting and white ribbons to bring out the seasonal festivity. You can get really creative with the ornaments as you can craft your own if you couldn’t find the suitable ones in stores. You can use music sheets to make a snowman ornament, or old clothing to make a Christmas tree ornament. Create a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree that will leave you family and friends in awe.


The roots and trunk of a Christmas tree may ruin your entire creation so be sure to pick out  a skirt that can act as both a cover-up and a padding layer that keeps your valuable Christmas presents intact. You can select a simple red circular fabric to do the job, but if you really want to stand out, especially if you have a dedicated theme like winter wonderland, you can choose a tree skirt with intricate designs, such as a beige-colored tree skirt with sequins or 3D designs.

Tree Toppers

This is the final touch of your masterpiece. Depending on your theme, you can break away from the traditional star or angel tree toppers, and go for more elaborate decorations and design. For example, if you chose the candy cane theme, you can gather a supply of red and white decorations, ribbons, and even a Christmas box to assemble a topper of your own. For the seaside theme, you can pick out a star fish decoration and decorate it according to your taste. The possibilities are essentially limitless!

So bring out the artistic inner fashionista of yours and start decorating your own Christmas tree! We would love to see your creations, so be sure to leave a picture on our Facebook page!

Have a Fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday!

It’s time to throw a party in your SuperSecret Penthouse and invite all the socialites and fashionistas you know because Thanksgiving is here! Put on your hippest soundtrack on your juke box, decorate your interior with festive fall ornaments, and bring in the feast to celebrate this annual holiday and give thanks for the glamorous life you are having. Be sure to pick out a few new outfits from Forever Chic to make sure you shine amongst your guests during your holiday party! Have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday!

Forever Chic

Madam Wu’s Fun Fact: A Wise Choice

Are you ready to adopt an adorable pet from Madam Wu’s Secret Emporium to accompany you on your adventures around SuperSecret? Madam Wu is here to give you a few pointers to help you make a wise decision!

Choosing Pet


The symbols on the back pack and on the pet’s forehead represent its abilities or preferred nature. For example, the pets with a star or moon symbol are nocturnal pets, and they prefer to explore and play at night. Whereas the pet with a sun symbol prefers to do everything during broad daylight. Then there are pets with special abilities, including the ability to heal, strike lightning, and cause hallucinations.


In general, these furry companions have a mild and cheerful temperament that is suitable for any owners. However, different colors have shown some slight differences in personality. Fashionistas in SuperSecret reported that they find black cats more mysterious and mischievous, whereas bright colored pets are more playful and warm.

This is a lifetime commitment, so make sure you found your perfect match before adopting these adorable companions because Madam Wu is unable to exchange them!

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

What are you planning to wear for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration? You would want to look lush and classy for this family gathering. Here are a few ideas from SuperSecret to get you started with finding the perfect outfit that can be used for your endeavors with your BFFs this fall as well!

Thanksgiving Outfit_11.19.13

For the fall season and Thanksgiving festivity, stick with warm and neutral tones for your outfits. Colors like brown, nude, and beige is perfect for this time of year. Boots and a cozy sweater are definitely must-have items for your outfit. If you are looking for a more intense Thanksgiving-themed outfit, be sure to check out Native American prints and Pilgrim-toned clothing.

As for accessories, gold and wine colored watches, earrings, necklace, and rings should be your go-to items. Top off your outfit with a stylish but comfortable scarf to keep you warm during this Thanksgiving.

Visit SuperSecret’s Pinterest for an extensive list of outfit ideas! Do you have any amazing outfit ideas you would like to share? Leave us a comment!

Madam Wu’s Fun Fact: Remodeling Your Penthouse

When was the last time you revamped your Penthouse in SuperSecret with the trendiest decorations and the most stylish furniture? Take a look at how you can give your Penthouse a makeover with a few tips from Madam Wu, and leave your BFFs in awe the next time they come to visit!

Penthouse Interior

First off, every fashionista should have a piano at the center of their Penthouse, regardless of whether they play the instrument or not. The installment of a piano immediately adds class and glamour to the general vibe of your interior.

Secondly, a juke box should be on the top of your to-buy list. Living a celebrity life is not easy so be sure to stock up on CDs to put in your juke box so your BFFs can recognize your good taste in music when you host a party at your Penthouse.

Lastly, Madam Wu suggests that every stylish rock star in SuperSecret should have roses and flowers in their Penthouse. Roses instantly raise your status as a high-class socialite with supreme taste and gain a reputation of someone who enjoys indulging themselves in a luxurious lifestyle.

Don’t forget to rearrange your furniture and decor so it fits the general theme and tone you wish to represent.

Do you have any recommendations you can give your fellow fashionista to ramp up their Penthouse and rise to the top of the stylish charts amongst their BFFs?


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